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LecturersClub Mobile APP is a fascinating tool for Tutors, Trainers, and Teachers to expand their classrooms from the four walls of their Institutes into the vast ‘Virtuophysical Spaces’ to evolve as ‘Global Trainers’.

LecturersClub helps you to ‘innovate’ your teaching methods through the use of its in-built features where you can easily share your study materials, assignments, lecture streams, reference lectures and quizzes that improve your teaching techniques. The Doubt Clarification feature helps you to stay connected with your students 24/7, providing them with the comfort of your presence. Contact us for all your needs to transform yourself as a ‘Global Trainer’ by connecting with our LecturersClub experts.

400+ Cities

3,000+ Schools

25,000+ Teachers

1,200,000+ Students

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Evolve as ‘Global Trainers’

LecturersClub APP offers a modern work place to the master minds through which they can offer their courses anytime anywhere thus making them a Global Trainer. Students can join anytime from any place.

A Make in India Brand Going Global

India’s #1 Mobile Classrooms for master minds can now expand their services through LecturersClub APP to take them beyond the conventional classroom, transforming the world into a global classroom.

Global Learners

Market your courses to ‘Global Learners’

Recorded sessions of your classes can be curated to create quality accredited training courses for ‘Global Learners’. Indgiants markets them for you through its ‘Education E-Commerce’ portal.

Hybrid Methods

Transformation to ‘Hybrid Methods’

Conventional classroom, surpassed the four walls, into an era, where trainers, parents and students; prefer hybrid methods such as offline, online and self-paced mode of teaching-learning.

Hybrid methods of learning

Technovating into the Next Generation

Parents and students are preferring Hybrid methods of learning to stay safe and healthy. Hence, they are in search of hybrid education platforms. Trainers now conduct online classes through LecturersClub APP.

Digital Content

Digital Content Replaces Heavy Backpacks

The LecturersClub APP supports self-paced learning. It is enriched with digitized Study Material, Assignments & Video lecture streams for students to practice till they perfect every concept.

How does LecturersClub transform you into a
‘Global Trainer’?

We provide the necessary tips to the teachers using the LecturersClub APP and help them to evolve as best online teachers by upgrading their skill-set.

Transforming The Academic World Into A
Global Classroom

LecturersClub APP transforms academicians into
‘Global Trainers’ through the unique features of its mobile classrooms.

Hybrid eLearning Platform

A Hybrid method of instruction in the classroom blended with face-to-face online & self-paced learning.

Videos of Lecture Streams

A paragraph presents a concept, A picture depicts a concept, but video explains a concepts.

Study Material & Assignments

The trainers can upload unlimited study materials, assignments and share lecture streams to enhance the student’s comprehension and for the students to practice and be exam ready.
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100% Secure eLearning Portal

The Trainers data is protected 100% through SSL AES 256-bit encryption that provides maximum security.

Dashboard Showing Statistics

The trainer can easily have an overview of the Lecture streams, online classes, assignments, study materials along with the statistics of the number of groups and students.

Education E-Commerce

Trainers can now market their courses and study material through Indgiants’ Education E-Commerce Portal.
Technovation Of Indgiants Transforming India Into A Developed Nation

LecturersClub Supports Every Trainer -
We Put Technology Into Every Trainer’s Pocket

The global space is geared up to adopt itself to the new normal. The best way to address it is to embrace it. With the LecturersClub mobile APP Individual Trainers, Coaching Centers & Tuition Centers continue to run their courses without disruptions.

  • The New Normal Classroom With the support of Technology and Digital Media.
  • Train from the comfort of your home – Managing your classes is easy & effortless
  • Unique features for Trainers For face-to-face, online & self-paced training
  • Technology Integrated Classrooms Your complete training material at one place
  • Digitized academic content for students Study Material – Assignment – Video lectures
  • LecturersClub breaks the barriers of localized learning Identify and join the best trainers of the nation

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Subscribe to a plan of your choice

We will Open a National Window for you to Expand your Training, Coaching & Tuition Centers to Attract more Students
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