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Lecturersclub APP: Technovation brought about by Indgiants for Trainers

From the Zones of Uncertainty

Knowledge acquisition cannot be placed in a time frame. It is an ever-changing dynamic event that moves from one generation to another and its journey is eternal and unstoppable. But presently, its methodology has been struck with a lightening blow.

The global education system has gone off track where the trainers, coaching institutes and tuition centers are not in a position to manage their institutes due to the pandemic. Trainers, coaching centers & tuition centers started encountering multiple challenges to integrate technology with their classrooms.

We, at Indgiants Pvt. Ltd., have understood the real challenges faced by the teaching community and identified an opportunity in disguise for each of the problems faced by them.

The Education sector has taken the support of technological innovations to offer convenient ways to enhance the cognizance quotient of the learners. Indgiants has facilitated the global space to gear up for adopting itself to this new normal.

Through the integration of technology and digital media with the conventional classroom teaching, we have come up with a unique concept. It has given birth to the concept of ‘Mobile Classroom’ through the Lecturersclub Mobile Application (Android & IOS). It enables learners to visualize even the most complex concepts through simple and creative innovative digital media solutions.

The APP focuses on uninterrupted teaching during this pandemic situation along with the possibility of Hybrid training and learning. This APP genuinely supports the Trainers to come of the existing restrictions. Even after the restrictions cease, it would continue to bring a paradigm shift in the ‘Teaching-Learning’ perspective of every trainer in multiple ways.

The Lecturersclub APP a new normal mobile classroom offers a modern work place to the ‘Master Minds’ (Trainers) through which they can offer their courses, ‘Anytime from Anywhere’.

The trainers can continue their institutes from the comfort of their homes or run their Institutes with partial attendance adopting a Hybrid Mode the APP supports unique features for trainers and learners such as face-to-face, online & self-paced training-learning.

Technology integrated mobile classrooms offer the training material at one place through digitized academic content. Class management is easy & effortless.

‘Indgiants is ready to support every Trainer with the required digital content also.’

Lecturersclub APP breaks the barriers of localized learning and enables students to choose from the best trainers of the nation. With all these features, this APP is yet a simple and elegant tool binding the trainers with their learners

Our team at Indgiants inspired me to share my humble participation in witnessing the evolution of the unique concept of the ‘India’s #1 Mobile Classrooms for Master Minds’ with the vision of realizing a ‘Smart Education System’.

Whenever mankind encountered inadequacies in its progress, Science has evolved with a solution- “MindHosts ‘HOST eLearning Platform’ and Lecturersclub Mobile Classrooms for Master Minds are Technological and Virtual Scientific Instruments supporting the educators to adopt to the Change.”

These Technological and Virtual Scientific Instruments are being introduced to bring the required changes in the traditional educational system to help the society adopt to the current situation. Mindhosts’ HOST eLearning Platform and Lecturersclub’s Mobile Classrooms provide its users ‘Smart access to all the learning tools thus resulting in a great teaching and learning experience’.

They support the vision of every education system that includes the satisfaction of trainers and learners

If we honestly hope to help the younger generations to achieve their potential and realize a smarter planet, then Indgiants, Mindhosts & Lecturersclub is striving to get a lot smarter. Indgiants is seeking and achieving initiatives to provide technological services for empowering the educational institutions all over the world.

As the CEO of Indgiants, I invite global intellectuals to join our Advisory Board and lend their expertise in guiding us forward through their innovative initiatives and intellect.

We at Indgiants Pvt. Ltd. are constantly working to offer the highest quality of education services globally by providing rich technology and smart content to learners from all parts of the education sector across the globe.

Knowledge acquisition never paused, nor will it …

Cause, humans have evolved through innovations and creations whenever there was an alarm

Seeking opportunities amidst adversities…

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