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LecturersClub APP: Technovation brought about by Indgiants for Trainers

Only Mothers Continue as Conventional Trainers

Rest of the Trainers Adopt LecturersClub APP
We put Technology into a Trainer’s Pocket – Plans that Suit Trainers to Easily Adopt
mobile classrooms

From the Zones of Uncertainty

This story of every trainer and coach is the same, pandemic has struck them hard. No trainer or coach or Institute is an exception. Indgiants Pvt. Ltd., could feel their pain and the woes of the parents, not to mention, the difficulties encountered by these aspiring trainers, coaches and coaching institutes. It could visualize the other side of their sorrow. Today, LecturersClub has come up with a secure and cost-effective proposal to restore the glory of every trainer, coach, coaching institute and tuition center.

Conversion of the ‘Impossible’ into’ I’m Possible’

When we look at this disruption, its bigger picture in time and history has shown evidences where mankind had overcome greater disruptions successfully. LecturersClub has come up with the novel concept of a mobile online teaching-learning platform to bind the ‘Trainers’ & ‘Learners’ back to their normal functionality. The big difference is the paradigm shift from the conventional methods using the Technovation brought about by Indgiants to make all this very easily affordable and possible.

Time for Technology to Embrace Classrooms

With the availability of internet now, even in the smallest towns, the conventional classrooms can be very easily transformed into Hybrid eLearning Platforms with minimal modifications to the existing system of classroom teaching. The Trainers, Coaching Institutes and Tuition Centers can easily introduce smart methods and continue their functioning through the LecturersClub mobile app. They can also adopt COVID-19 norms of maintaining social distancing through partials attendance roster along with continuing online or the self-paced mode.

Trainers: Perfect examples of ‘Change’

The Trainers, Coaching Institutes and Tuition Centers have been among the first of those educators to globally accept the challenges posed by the pandemic with grace and face it with dignity. Wherever they have been, they were messiahs of the almighty. They have taken up the responsibility and safe-guarded the growth of the lives of millions of children by keeping their aspirations alive undergoing and tolerating the worst situations through their simple smile of satisfaction. The Trainers, Coaching Institutes and Tuition Centers can now use their Mobiles as teaching platforms by signing up through the LecturersClub Mobile APP available both on ANDROID and IOS mobiles.