HOST eLearning – Solution Post Pandemic

The century old global universities continue in the same old buildings. But they blended the state-of-the-art technology with their classroom. Continuity is the hallmark of consistency. Instruction in Institutions need not stop due to the present crisis. Let not the pandemic stop the progress of the educational Institutions. Mindhosts provides all the possibilities Institutions are looking for in adversity.
Mindhosts provides a unique possibility for all the educational institutes. Yes! Mindhosts technovated the teaching methodology and has come up with better and innovative options to continue instruction. Mindhosts is dedicated to Empower Educational Institutions and Trainers with options like online, offline( face-to-face) and self-paced learning methods to counter the restrictions that are necessary for staying safely.
Mindhosts is the brainchild of a team of academicians and IT professionals who believe in conventional methods of pedagogy. Mindhosts invites Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Coaching Centers, Training Centers, Tuition Centers, Tutors and Skilled Trainers etc., to adopt the new normal classroom that has been meagerly transformed by integrating technology and adopting the riches of Digital Media.
Mindhosts named this new Technology as ‘HOST eLearning’. The HOST eLearning Platform enables Institutions to blend the classrooms with the support of technology and digital media. Classrooms would no longer be just chalk & duster, teachers and students.
Host eLearning brings the change that educational institutes are waiting. Mindhosts is an effectively designed teaching platform that is embedded with study material, video repository, assignments, rendering live classes, lecture streams and facilitating formative assessment through quizzes.
This HOST eLearning Platform is being made available to them as a total package within the budget of even the smallest of the institutions struggling to overcome the financial difficulties during this pandemic.
To put it subtly, Mindhosts has been designed and configured to suit all the needs of the educational institutions.
We at Mindhosts don’t believe in the populist methods that are being marketed at a soaring price that organizations are offering by adopting multiple amusement modes of those fancied shortsighted pedagogies using celebrities and Hollywood themes by continuously flashing them through different media as an alternate to the current system of education.
By adopting the HOST eLearning platform. School grounds can now start announcing success stories again. With technology integrated classrooms, the institutions can conduct classes online along with partial attendance of students and also through self-paced mode, thus following the COVID restrictions being implemented for social safety.
Your search for a winning formula ends at Mindhosts! Host has all the features that educational institutes need.
Mindhosts offers-face-to-face, online & self-paced ways of learning.
Let’s face the new-normal by empowering ourselves. Mindhosts: one-stop solution to the challenges faced by institutions
Mindhosts: an effectively designed teaching platform. An easily adoptable method blended with technological innovation
With technology integrated classrooms. Conduct classes with partial attendance, online & through self-paced mode
Host eLearning comes to you with more than one solution. Options at your reach include face-to-face, online and self-paced learning
Your search for a winning formula ends at Mindhosts! Mindhosts offers host- the hybrid system organized training
Let not the pandemic stop our progress. Possibilities in adversity is what we all have been looking for
Mindhosts now offers a complete solution to open the educational institutes.

Yes! Schools are now exploring better options to continue. Mindhosts provides a complete solution to open the educational institutes again. It Empowers schools with options like face-to-face, online and self-paced learning
Mindhosts is an educational platform for the new normal that is built as a one-stop solution for all your challenges during this pandemic.