Send Credentials

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Send credentials feature allows the admin to send assigned usernames and default passwords to users in bulk for onboarding through SMS. It is to be used after initial setup of the organization has been performed in the admin panel. User accounts are generated with default password specified in the settings, which will be sent in the credentials message. Below is a sample of the message which will be sent to the selected users.
Greetings from _____________(Your Institution Name Appears here),
Your APPLICATION (APP) credentials are
Org code: *******
Username: Rahul_Rawat
Pwd: Abc123%Bx
Download from
  • To send credentials to users, navigate to the ‘Messages’ screen from the side menu. Here you will see two lists – one on the left and one on the right. The list on the right contains all the users enrolled with the organization while the one on the left lists the users you have selected to send credentials to. Both these lists are searchable through the corresponding search boxes above them.
  • Select the users you want to send credentials to and click Send Messages. Make sure that you have enough message credits to do the same. Each message takes two SMS credits accounting to its length.
  • Message credits can be viewed and purchased from the ‘Settings’ screen. You can specify the amount of SMS credits you want to purchase and file a request upon which we will get in touch with you.
This feature does not send the current password of the user or reset their password to default. It is only to be used to onboard the user with their username and the default password which they may change later.
If the user is unable to login to their account, they may use the ‘Unable to Login’ feature from the login page to change their password using an OTP.