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The first choice of every student as a leader is a ‘Teacher’

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Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi

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When considering what leadership role looks like, there are a few qualities of teachers who are the first and the greatest leaders in shaping the future of a nation by nurturing the students into responsible citizens and human beings.

The first choice of every student as a leader is a ‘Teacher’

Teachers are un-proclaimed leaders. They lead by example in the way they speak, act and operate. They lead the students by setting them challenging activities and train them through rigorous sessions of learning. Then, they play additional leadership roles inside and outside the classroom. Teachers conduct academic, cultural and extracurricular activities and events, that imbibe a positive culture and an aura of positivity and optimism around the students. That is the reason, all the children keep referring to their teachers as their role models even at home all day. The child enjoys an endless academic, cultural and social exposure in the institution. The teachers are leaders who are incidental in the 360° evolution of their students.

There is a paradigm shift in the domain of the Training-Learning platform. The pandemic has hit hard not only on the childhood of these tiny tots but the mantle now is falling on the teachers. Technology is helping them to continue with the academics, but the teacher is deprived of playing the other roles which help in the 360° evolution of the students.

This is where tuition teachers, coaches, mentors and trainers have a role of greater prominence. They must play the supplementary role to their institution counterparts and help in the 360° evolution of the students. 

LecturersClub Mobile APP plays an important role in shaping the future of the students.

This APP facilitates teachers for special needs, coaches, mentors and trainers to supplement those intangible responsibilities of the teachers at school and help the children to continue enjoying that seamless academic, cultural and social exposure in the institution.

When situation demands so, you be the 'change'. For those extraordinary 'teachers' like you, 'you easily understand and adopt the change.'

A majority of the digital systems in today’s institutions are being embedded with adequate features where the academics, administration and management of all aspects of the institutions are transformed and re-presented through a – ‘Digital Transformation’ but the focus does not help in the overall growth of the children.

Thus, along with the school teachers taking classes adopting hybrid/blended learning, the parents are actively engaging these teachers for special needs, coaches, mentors and trainers separately in the process of enriching their children with the required skills for them to evolve multidimensionally.

The pandemic, overall, has thus changed the conventional methods and practices of the institutions. Still everyone, the teacher, the parent, the student and the management believe that the conventional classrooms are the best, the brick-and-mortar pedagogies are the safest, and the human touch is supreme and mandatory in shaping the future of ‘tomorrow’s citizens’.

As the saying goes ‘challenges and crises though pose a great threat to life initially, the fact is that great threats are always accompanied by greater opportunities’. During this pandemic all of us are actually witnessing the truth in that quote. 

Roles of Teachers & Educators is changing - Parents now engage multiple Trainers.

Learning Design and Experience have thus been evolving through various digital strategies and Hybrid Method of Education has taken the center stage among all the digital strategies.Did anyone expect the multiplied glory of the medical safety manufacturing industry that is now blossoming like ever before. The educators need to enlighten this aspect of the ‘Child Development’ to the parents and reach out to into the market through their skill set with a new “Educational Service”.  LecturersClub Mobile APP for Individual Trainers, Coaching & Tuition Centers offers ‘Mobile Classrooms for Master Minds’.

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Convener  & Presenter: Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi

Technical Coordinator: Mr. Satish Krishna N

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Dr. Sivanand Veluri, Dr. Anuradha Veluri,

Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy & Prof. Anil K Prasad